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Galley opening at the Project Parlor on Thursday.
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June 6, 2013

Project Parlor
742 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn, New York 11205

Featuring the work of
Alley scott
Kevin William Reed
Kevin Lawler
Matthew Benchimol
Ali DiMura

Film by Whitney Jacobs
Live painting by Alley Scott

And live musical performance by Berberock

Also featuring the infamous Two Bloody Tampons who will be spinning all night

Don't miss out!!!!!

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July 27-28, 2012

Alternative Arts Association gets physical with ANATOMICALLY INCORRECT a multimedia extravaganza of epic proportions. Opening July 27th at the Magic Futurebox and featuring the work of over 20 artists. We will transform this 18,000 square foot warehouse space into an interactive gallery with half-walls of suspended artwork, video installations, go go dancers, live paintings and a revolving stage of performances. Enjoy two evenings filled with visual art, live music, dance, theater, film, and more anatomical anomalies than your ass can handle. This is a celebration of all that is amorphous, androgynous, abstract and absurd.

The exhibition is for two days only. Our premier is Friday July 27th; our closing is Saturday July 28th. Doors crack at 7:30pm, performances start at 8pm, party booms till 1am. Tickets can be purchased for $10 in advance at- http://www.magicfuturebox.com/. Tickets will also be available for $12 at the door. Cash only.

Artists featured in this event include: Kevin William Reed, Timothy Dark, Berberock, Shaista Vally, Ramona Medicine Crow, Diego Fernandez diego-fernandez.com, Mark Scmidt, Kristina Jones, Anthony Pappalardi and Danita Shaheen of Dance Riot Rep., Fletcher Crossman, Erroll Basdeo, Kristi Faulkner of Kristi Faulkner Dance, Susan Molnar, Joecrow Ryan, Hannah Lilly, Pragyan Thapa Ghimire, Erica Cardwell, Alley Scott of Dutch Kills, Kevin Lawler, Stop Motion, Cat Manturuk of Dance Cat-alyst, Demorne Warren of Do For Self Ent. LLC, Joshua Young, Andrew Keil of the Two Bloody Tampons, Kim Almquist and Aaron Draper of Banana Peel Dance

Dj sets by the Two Bloody Tampons (Punk, soul, motown, electro ass-shaking dance party extraordinaire), Antwrks (mash-ups, electropop, euro house, dubstep), and Meltcha (House, techno, uplifting, unsettling, always deeper than the Mariana Trench).

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November 18th, 2010

The Haunted House of Hotties party was fun as hell, dancing up 6th avenue in our underpants for the Halloween parade kicked ass. Pictures of that to follow soon... ;)

Now we are on a 5th Anniversary mission. To create and build and organize and grow stronger than ever bofore. Level up, so to speak. First things first, the website has to get a lot cooler. And we need your help.

We want to feature a link to your website on our front page. Our artists are the blood and the fire of this organization, oh how I want to cradle you all in my arms right now! Anyway, we want everyone who has participating in a AAA show to have their own page. Links to your websites, online samples of your work. This is your space to promote yourself and your projects. Send us any links you have. If you have a website, my/face account, flickr/picasa/youtubes, whatever, that we can feature and link to, please email us that info. Thanks.

Email Us whatever you want

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Spanning four nights over two weeks, this bi-borough blowout will include the works of over 30 artists from all across the globe, all for the recession-friendly price of $7.

May 28th, 2010

We kick off the festivities by bringing to you an extraordinary night of mind-blowing theater and scorching spoken word by some of NYC’s most brilliant minds. This cavalcade of curiosities will take place at Long Island City’s own Secret Theatre, conveniently located 44-02 23rd St. Between 44th Ave. and 44th rd.

May 29th, 2010

Next, join us for an exhilarating evening of genre-spanning dance with eight of the city’s fastest-rising choreographers at Manhattan's legendary Nicu's Spoon Theatre on Saturday, May 29th. The show will feature the talents of Chris Campbell and Whitney Jacobs of Jacobs Campbell Dance, Andrea Gise of Andrea Gise and Dancers, Pearl Marasigan and Remi Harris of Halo-Halo Inc., Cat Manturuk of Dance Cat-alyst, Tamara Saari of Tamara Saari Dance, and Clairaudient’s very own Danita Shaheen.

June 3rd, 2010

Our Third night is not one to be missed, cats and kittens. Set in one of New York’s most legendary dens of debauchery, Don Hill’s (511 Greenwich St.), AAA brings to you a night of beauties, bands, and more burlesque than you can shake your stick at. Featuring New York legends Verity in Stereo, the ass-shakin’, the glitter bomb beats of Planet Rump, the soulful stylings of Darren Fisher and his band, over a half-dozen of the city’s finest burlesque beauties, a pornographic clown and more surprises set to blow your lid.

June 5th, 2010

Finally, we invite you to join us at our home base in Astoria, Queens, the Hellgate Social, for our gallery showing and film fiesta! Prepare yourself for a night of beautiful art, fine film, dancing, drinking and decadence as we bring these two weeks of amazing art to a stunning climax. The screening will include the works of Cinema Set Free, Brian MacMillan, Joshua Thompson, and Andrea Gise. Also on display will be the works of Michael Anthony Mitchell, Kevin Lawler, Maggie Fischer, and Kate Leathers.


May 29th Slideshow
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A multimedia arts production of epic proportion. Over 30 artists from all backgrounds will come together to explore the metaphoric graveyard of modern life. The artist's perspectives range from the political to the satirical, the rhetorical to the spiritual. All of the pieces are presented with an unabashed sense of passion and honesty. Join us at NECROPOLIS and discover what dancers, painters, poets, and many more of New York's finest creative minds have to say about the one city that we all inhabit, the city of the dead. It will by a night that will not soon to be forgotten.

August 1st & October 17th, 2009

Astoria's legendary Hell Gate Social will be hosting the second half of our most successful show to date. This presentation will be an all out Necro-style pre-halloween bash with musical performances by: Bambi, Drew Henkels of Drew and the Medicinal Pen and Hip Like [Blank]. The evening will also feature the tantalizing and terrifying stylings of the ladies of Brown Girl's Burlesque, who will be breaking hearts and feasting on flesh throughout the night. If that isn't enough, we will also be featuring a number of other performances from AAA's own world-class artists, including the choreography of Whitney Jacobs, Pearl Marasigan and Remi Harris. Two of our finest resident Word Smiths; Andrew Keil and Jordan Levy, will be showcasing their talent in all of it's glory. Patrick Roeder, the comic genius behind Robo-Comic, will be livening the mood with his unique wit and words. For your viewing pleasure, we will also be presenting the films of Molly Rydzel and Brian MacMillan. Throughout the night you will be surrounded by the many inspiring and terrifying works of our visual artists, who will begin a 3 month hang on the walls of the Hell Gate Social. There will be prizes and giveaways all night long plus a costume contest to end the evening. Finally, our resident anarcho-porn clown Giggles the Nihilist will be stirring up tricks and treats all night long. So, bring your friends and a lust for life and join us on Sat. As Always, it will by a night that will not soon to be forgotten.

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April 16th, 2009

This was a benefit show thrown to raise support, money and awareness for our friend Joey Kipp. Joey is a young dancer and choreographer who was the victim of a brutal hate crime which took place in New York City in early 2009. The performance took place on April 16th of 2009 at Public Assembly in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The show attracted a large crowd and raised nearly a thousand dollars. The money was sent to Joey and put towards the considerable medical expenses he incurred as a result of his injuries. The entire show was broadcast directly to Joey via webcam. The day after the show Joey took his first steps in months.


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July 31st 2010

We're here to bring about change. We've come from penthouses and alleyways, brownstones and brownbags. City slums and country roads. We are those tired of seeing our art and culture sucked up into the endless maw of plate-glass gallery districts and corporate commercialism. We feel that art belongs off the walls and onto the streets, out of the pockets of the powerful and back into the hearts and minds of those who make it possible: we, the people. We stand, backs strong and fists clenched, ready for each new dawn that awaits us in static glory, a crackling hope that promises that this day won't be like it's brethren, for each night is pregnant with new possibility. We thrive whence things should not thrive. We live atop concrete and steel, where only the strongest of roots survive. We live, we love, we learn atop broken bottles and cracked asphalt. We are the lifeblood of this dying city. We are the Alternative Arts Association and we are coming to fuck with your head.


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Janurary 10th & 17th, 2009

In Latin, the term "Decipio Ludus" roughly translates into "the games we play". This show brought together artists from all media together to explore and reflect upon the games we play in our daily lives. The first presentation was at the Brecht Forum on January 10th, 2009. The following week, the show was staged at the Hell Gate Social in Astoria Queens where the visual art remained installed until May of 2009.

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May 7th & 8th, 2011

UP IN ARMS was the group's eighth multimedia event, incorporating the works of over twenty five artists in a two night program at The Brooklyn Lyceum. Thanks to everyone that came out in support,the artist that participated and The Brooklyn Lyceum.

Coming off the heels of their sold-out Up In Arms extravaganza, AAA presents a gallery hang unlike any other with over a dozen artists come for the art, stay for the booze at project parlor.

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Halloween 2010

The Haunted House of Hotties party was fun as hell, dancing up 6th avenue in our underpants for the Halloween parade kicked ass. Pictures are up... a night that will not soon to be forgotten.


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April 5th, 2008

Tactile AAA's first show at the Hell Gate Social, on April 5th, 2008. which would become an important part of the organization. In addition, Tactile marked the creation of the Board and the general organizational structure that would persist from this show on.


April 5th Slideshow
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December 8th 2006

Info Storm presented on December 8th 2006, AAA's second show took place at founder Danita Shaheen's home in Astoria Queens. As the group and the years progressed this space would become the epicenter for the groups activities, frequently hosting fundraisers, group meetings and workshops. Infostorm would prove to be the first and last major performance at the space as the group quickly outgrew it.


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August 9th 2008

This was the fourth major production which was staged on August 9th 2008 at the Hell Gate Social. In and Out of Days brought together a wide variety of performances and visual art pieces ranging from theater and dance to photography and sculpture. These performances and pieces were linked by a common desire to explore the dreams and nightmares that we experience as we collectively pass In and Out days.


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May 21st, 2006

The very first show by the Alternative Arts Association on May 21st 2006. The show was presented Marymount Manhattan College's 8th floor event space. The organization had to fight tooth and nail to produce the show, facing opposition and bureaucratic obstruction at every turn. The opposition only made us more committed.


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Conceived in 2006, the Alternative Arts Association is a diverse arts collective dedicated to nurturing the rich artistic and cultural fabric of New York City. More than a hundred local artists have come together to collaborate on multimedia exhibitions in a gallery setting. A guiding principle of the organization is to provide material and organizational support to young artists. To further this principle, the Association devotes a large portion of its budget towards directly funding artists and frequently hosts free workshops for artists to collaborate on their works. We provide economic and logistical support to under-represented local artists. We bring individuals from all artistic backgrounds together to encourage interdisciplinary artistic collaboration and exploration. We are creating a network that connects local artists to resources necessary to further their artistic future, as well as the implementation of educational and workshop programs. The Alternative Arts Association is also a registered 501(c)3 and New York State public charity.

Alternative Arts has organized eight large multimedia productions at various venues throughout the city. The group has organized one very Lucky arts festival that spanned four nights, four locations and two boroughs. We’ve also produced two major music events, one benefit performance, numerous art exhibitions and many media specific workshops

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